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Written By: - Aug• 23•12

Seattle is one rainy city and because of that water damage can happen at any moment. Water can damage a buildings foundation, weakening the structure and can cause stress and frustrations with both home owners and businesses alike. Some times water will find its way into a home or business and cause damage to the walls, floors, basement, crawlspace, and possibly even the ceiling. During rainy months (usually around the fall and spring time, in Seattle), water damage will happen more often. Windstorms will blow against the roofs of homes and businesses and shingles will either get loose or fly off, exposing the bare wood below. Once it starts raining, the water will find its way into the attic, through the ceiling and down the walls. The only way to spot this kind of damage is from the pooling of water, the dripping of the water or the discoloration caused by the water. Not all leaks will be easily noticed, as the water coming in from the roof might find its way down the middle of a supporting wall. If this happens the water will find its way into your basement or crawl space and might go unnoticed for a long period of time.

This water will cause more damage in the long run because its been left unattended. The water will begin to eat away the wood and will begin to break down the structure and support of the home. Not only will the home begin to experience damage caused by the water, but mold will also begin to grow. Mold is a highly hazardous substance and needs to be dealt with immediately. Mold will begin to grow on the wood, walls and in the attic and as long as the area is moist or wet, this mold will continue to grow.

Fall and Winter is just around the corner for Seattle which means the chances of water damage will increase greatly! Now is the time to prepare your home or office building for the coming rain, wind and snowstorms that often frequent the Seattle area during these next two seasons. You can always higher a Seattle Water Damage Specialist who can check your home for possible leaks and fix any issues you might have. Waiting is the worst possible thing you can do as the longer you wait the more money it will cost to fix these problems. Water will damage anything its sitting on, but if you are able to get the water cleaned up and dried, the damage caused might be less than if you waited until the following summer to do anything about it.

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